Hello Semantic Web Universe!

PlatoI have been posting articles on Semantic Webs to my weblog in Japanese from 2005. Recently, I had a feeling of desire for publishing the same things worldwide in English and more updated and refined contents, as the reflection of the advance of technology and my thought of Semantic Webs.

The articles will be unlimited many issues around Semantic Webs, RDF, RDFS, OWL, and LOD, but mainly they will be focused in the perspective from Object-Oriented Programming and semantics among the languages for Semantic Webs. I had my long life as mechanical engineer, earlier, and AI researcher, later, at a private company in Japan. At the last decade, I dedicated my life to progress Semantic Webs in Japan, as a practitioner at the company and a researcher at National Institute of Informatics (NII). So, I could define my position as the bridge of achademia (theory) and the real world (practice). This blog will watch the two sides of Semantic Web technology.

I would like to start my articles from the semantics of RDF. Many people use RDF today, but without deep understandings of the semantics, although the semantics of RDF was cleary described by Pat Hayes and Brian McBride in 2004. Many people feel it is hard to read and understand the recommendation from W3C. I had also felt it at first, and once on a day, suddenly I became to be able to understand the description. So, I translated it from English to Japanese for Semantic Webs in Japan. After that, I had several experiences around this issue in theory and practice. I am going to start with my talk on RDF theory and practice.

Hopefully, I should start my work in good expectation of audience.

Seiji Koide


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2 Responses to Hello Semantic Web Universe!

  1. dan says:

    I have been silently in your audience for quite some time. swclos is perhaps one of the most influential factors that shaped my interests in computer science and especially common-lisp. Only sadness it is locked away on allegro and not available as the means to bring understanding to a wider audience. I am thankful for the time i did hsve to explore it.

    Do you have any material from the MOP3 presentation you could forward to me?

    Thanks again. Glad to see you’ve still not escaped your metacircle.

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